Terms of delivery, General terms (15.3.2021–):

1. Registration

1.1. Registration is required to place an order. In connection with the first order, the consumer must:

a) register as a consumer in the customer register of United Press Global OÜ by stating his name and other mandatory information.

b) Consents to United Press Global OÜ registering personal data in its customer register. The customer information of United Press Global OÜ is confidential. United Press Global OÜ undertakes not to disclose customer data to partners other than those within the company.

1.2. The consumer must exercise care and diligence when using the online store.


2. Binding nature of the order

2.1. Communication between the parties will be by e-mail. After placing their order, the consumer undertakes to monitor his / her e-mail to receive the order confirmation.

2.2. The binding sales agreement enters into force when the online store has sent an order confirmation by e-mail.

2.3. The consumer has the right to cancel the entire order or parts of the order by e-mail, letter or telephone before delivery. Delivery has taken place when part of the order has been delivered to the consumer or a statement that the order can be picked up from the post office.

2.4. After placing a consumer order, United Press Global OÜ has no right to change the terms of the contract.

2.5. An order placed by a company or community is always conditional. When the order exceeds the value of 200 euros, United Press Global OÜ will check the customer's information as needed. Scams and interrupted shopping carts are constantly being made in online stores. For this reason, United Press Global OÜ reserves the right not to process the order without justification.

2.6. Libraries and educational institutions, which are the so-called old customers do not have to be treated separately for safety reasons.


3. Prices

3.1. The valid price is the price that will be displayed in the online store when ordering. The valid price is in Euros (EUR) or another currency (for example, Swedish crowns). United Press Global OÜ reserves the right to change prices.

3.2. Delivery costs will be added to the order. Delivery costs are determined by the size and weight of the shipment and taking into account the restrictions imposed by international delivery.

3.3. No coupon discounts will be granted on discounted products.


4. Delivery

4.1. If the product is in our warehouse, the estimated delivery time is one to five (1-5) working days.

4.2. If the product is absolutely desired by a certain date, it must be mentioned separately, eg when placing an order. United Press Global OÜ will act in accordance with the needs of consumers with regard to delivery, if this is reasonably possible.

4.3. If the consumer buys products for which United Press Global OÜ has notified different delivery times, the order will be delivered in accordance with the longest announced delivery time.

4.4. United Press Global OÜ is responsible for deliveries and invoicing to all countries.


5. Terms of payment

5.1. Payment is made using the following payment methods:

a) Online Payment. Delivery starts as soon as the order arrives in the online store, which forwards the payment to United Press Global OÜ.

b) Invoice. United Press Global OÜ also delivers orders by invoice. If the possibility of abuse is suspected, United Press Global OÜ has the right to refuse delivery. The ordering address of the billing customer is sales@unipressglobal.com

c) Cash on delivery. United Press Global OÜ does not use cash on delivery. Advance billing is possible at your discretion.


6. Returns

6.1. The consumer client has the right to return defective products that are clearly unused.

6.2. The consumer is advised to submit a return notification by e-mail to info (a) unipressglobal.eu - BEFORE returning the product. UPG-Logistics provides return instructions.


7. Shipments broken during transport

7.1. Occasionally, despite careful packaging, packages may be damaged during shipping. Therefore, when picking up a package, it is a good idea to check its condition in the presence of a postman. If the package has been damaged during transport and if the ordered product (s) has also been damaged, make a claim immediately at the post office / transport company’s office. Then contact our customer service to arrange for a new product to be delivered.


8. Complaint

8.1. Complaints must be made without delay to: customer service @ unipress.fi or by post to United Press Global OÜ, Box 3041, 11402 Tallinn, Estonia.


9. Force majeure

9.1. United Press Global OÜ is not responsible for any delay, impediment or delay in the delivery of the order due to a circumstance beyond the control of United Press Global OÜ, such as war, natural disaster, export or import ban, official decision, disruption of public transport or other similar United Press Global OÜ complicating or impeding the operation of. In addition, the product may be permanently or temporarily out of stock.


10. Settlement of Disputes

10.1. Estonian law applies to this online store. Possible disputes will be heard in Harju County Court, Tallinn, Estonia.

10.2. The language used is either English, Swedish, German, Finnish or Estonian. Estonian language in court proceedings.