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Maria Johnson - Anx Semer (editors)

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    Multilingual dictionary "MULTI DICTIONARY" is absolutely necessary title for all those people who are involved with Ukrainian language and English/German/Swedish/Norwegian/Danish/Finnish. It includes 600 basic words, around 200 phrases which are necessary to learn in families, schools, jobs, studies etc.

    It helps communication between Ukrainian and above mentioned language speaking people. Everyday life goes smootly when both parts of communication knows the basic words and the correct meanings of single words in practise.

    The book includes also very useful index from Scandinavian languages to Ukrainian language.

    EAN:  9789916701263
    ISBN: 978-9916-701-26-3
    Size and extend:: A5, hardcover, 320 pp.  
    Publication/Julkaisuajankohta/Utgivningsdatum: 6/2022
    Publisher: United Press 
    /kieli: English/Englanti (and German/Swedish/Norwegian/Danish/Finnish)


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Maria Johnson - Anx Semer (editors)

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